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Kelly Leihman

AFAA Group Fitness Certified

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Lauren Jackson

Lauren is a certified yoga instructor (CYT - 200).

She's always loved working out and does her best to make staying fit and healthy a priority. She has been practicing yoga for 20 years and have found it to be such an amazing workout on its own or as a complement to other training. Lauren loves teaching yoga because it meets each person exactly where they are, and reminds each person of their own strength within. Teaching has been an amazing experience for her because it allows her to share a bit of love and light with others.

When Lauren is not teaching or practicing yoga, she enjoys running, riding bikes with her kids and of course doing other killer j-fit workouts! Growing up she was an avid soccer player and a ballerina - two polar opposite activities! She loves that yoga combines and practices the best of both of these activities - strength and grace. 

She is  a mom of 3 amazing and bright kiddos - Clarke, Henry and Caroline. The kids love doing yoga and they've even starred in a few kid yoga videos. Her husband, Mark, practices yoga as well and has been amazed at how much it's helped his hips that were permanently stiff from years of competitive running. Her favorite place in the world is the beach. There is something so amazing about swimming in salt water.  She loves planning parties and events and think there's nothing better than a good meal with good friends.  Lauren loves so many foods - pizza, sushi, tacos- and especially loves it when she doesn't have to cook!

Join her on the mat for a great workout and a few moments of zen!

"All the strength you need is already inside you." - Saba Haider (her amazing yoga teacher trainer)

Holly Beverley

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) certified in Hatha Yoga

Holly received my 200-hour certification from Abhyaasa Yoga in 2018. A hiking and meditation retreat in 2016 introduced her to the lifestyle of yoga; a practice that goes beyond a series of postures to cultivate a greater sense of well-being throughout life. She pursued yoga teaching training during her last semester at Lake Forest College, to reconnect through movement and share the practice with others. Around the same time she began working out at Lifetime with Jen, captivated by her energy and encouragement along the way. 

She enjoys yoga, Pilates and HIIT workouts as long as I can keep up with Jen's programming! lol!

She finished with her Masters in Library and Information Science and is now a librarian. At heart she is a nerd and we love her.  She has a French bulldog named Winnifred, a brother and parents that live in Naperville. Fish, coffee and hummus are her primary food groups. She enjoys Sherlock Holmes spin-offs, art history, old books, literature, and museums. Someday she would love to live in England again but for now, one day at a time is my motto and finding contentment in the everyday is her art. 

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